About Yu Plus

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YU PLUS is a hair care brand from Singapore that offers a scalp oil control shampoo. It aims to address issues such as oily scalp, limp hair, and environmental concerns with its eco-friendly packaging. The shampoo provides a water-like texture, lightweight and silky, and has a fragrance that evokes memories. It is formulated without silicone, using high-purity plant extracts, and creates a dense foam to instantly cleanse away excess oil. The shampoo promotes deep breathing for the scalp and hair, and each wash contributes to scalp care. It is specifically designed for individuals with oily, fine, and limp hair, aiming to balance the scalp’s oil-water levels and create voluminous and healthy-looking hair. Additionally, it offers benefits such as antioxidant properties, strengthening the hair roots, and combating greasiness. It is suitable for various lifestyle activities such as travel, fitness, work, and everyday life.

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